Human Shades – Power of necessity and opportunity


I and my experience made me believe that every person will have two shades, two sides and two personalities and two believes two thoughts.

As our earth it-self has one.  We carefully see the earth from space (shown below). Earth’s dark and bright sides. The coin will have two sides as well. We can see one side either the tail or heads of the coin and dark or bright side of the earth.

The bright side is the one you can see is the light that travel to our eyes. In the coin we can only see either one side i.e. either tail side or head. Does that mean there is only one other side? Isn’t it foolish by judging either by one side?

The dark side is hiding by exhibiting the illuminating and light reflecting side. The heads in the coin is hiding the tail side. Similarly the mankind will hide the ugly side by the mask of good behavior and actions in the society with the bright side.

I remember, a boy of two years while running in the ground, fell down and started crying. Some gentlemen saw him and went to lift him and show sympathy towards him. If no one have seen him fallen, he will get up by himself and check his own self and again start running.

Is it to gain the sympathy from any the one who saw or else his pried got hurt as some have seen him fallen? How do we interpret it? Two years old boy does not even know that is the meaning of these words. Is it the inhabiting quality?

But indeed the human are nothing but the animal inside and this in native characteristics imbibed in the neural system will not be changed or modified.

Men have footed the moon, reached the depths of seas but he can ever be reached to the core of his own self.

I remember someone said “When you are alone by yourself, you are aware that no one in this world watching you. Then the thought flow in your head that one can hear or excavate. That is real you”

When a man pushed to his limits or his/her precious ego or pride got hurt else what he believes in his core as it is his own got hurt or taken away, then and only the dark side of a man will raise it ugly heads.

Man can be capable of doing anything either it would be extremes to the both sides. A butcher can be a savior or visa versa.

There are no good people or bad people but the circumstances necessity and opportunity does make people do lot or thing beyond our wildest imaginations. Do not give an opportunity to anyone.

Do not believe the person by action. Book by cover.

“Necessity and Opportunity are capable of make a men to do anything”.

Masks of Shades

I think no one want to be bad in the society even though whatever he did or doing. If you speak to the person who did hacked savagely will defend oneself as he is good person.  The best illustration is the terrorist Kasab who got caught by the Indian police who gunned 47 men, women and children down, Have plead for mercy as he is innocent. When he was about be hanged to death. His last wish is to send a massage his mother that he is dead.

People tend to wear different masks as innocents and good by hiding the true self behind as the earth show its bright side to hide the dark side.

Power of necessity

I say and strongly believe in the core of my heart that men are capable of anything and everything to the any degree to the either side. I want to illustrate the power of necessity and desire to live by all means. The below incident will stand as an Everest to this as an evidence.

Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, also known as the Andes flight disaster and, in South America was a charter flight 45 people including ruby team, families and friends crashed in the Andes on 13 October 1972. More than quarter of passengers were died and some were succumbed to death by the wounds in icy mountains. Some who were alive left with some food and wine bottles, with no proper clothes to survive in that bone biting cold breeze. They managed to survive by dividing the limited food for some days when the food is over they stated to eat the leather objects. At last they realized that they can’t survive without food, they made a ghastly decided to eat the flesh of their dead people in the wreckage. On 23 December and all 16 survivors were rescued.

How can we define them? Brave survivors else some people who stoop to the levels of scavengers who feeds on their own kind to extent in this wretched world?

“This is necessity and desire to live”

Power of opportunity

I believe opportunity will ruins minds of most sacred men and made them to do the thing no one believes.

The illustrations for this are countless. A casher stole money. A nurse stole drugs from the hospital. A CEO cheats the company for their own personal again. What I believe is that one will cheat when they have widow of opportunity.

Can we say, those are bad as a person or he lost to his dark side or to his necessity?

If anyone who have the opportunity even thought the person has high moral grounds. His dark side tends to arouse and at least it will take a peek.


My conclusion is this that every human will have dark side and bright side. This shade comes to light according to the necessity and opportunity. People tend to wear different masks for and in society. There are no good or bad people but the situations. So better we watch out around us who got necessity or opportunity to take advantage of us. Behind every action or reaction will have intention or purpose, we better now it before it strike us.


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