The thing of a beauty is in our self

The thing of a beauty is in our self



It is interesting to see the beautiful thing, wonderful nature and attractive people. We go for long rids, trips and tours to go some beautiful places and we admire them, saying “What a beautiful place, what a spectacular sight” but some people who are already residing in the same place, they take this same thing so light.

A woman is passing by in the street, so beautiful and appealing to the spectators in the street. But her own husband doesn’t even admire her.

People see the majestic and gigantic old structures and they wonder as how beautiful this is and praise the person who did invested in it. But my eyes see the labor of hundred s of people, their sweet and blood. People see some ancient women statues and think about the statues beauty and perfection, but I do see the carver’s imagination and his inspiration.

Some people admire the modern art and derive various feelings and emotions but to my eyes, I do not see any but some random colors.

Then I started to think about it why? Why are these differences? For same thing, different people see in different angles and perceive in different ways.

The I remember some one’s comment “It is in your eyes”. Means the beauty, happiness, sad and so on are nowhere but in our own self. The way we see the thing the way we perceive it.


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