What do you feel about this painting? These are mine…!


These are my feelings… Please do correct and comment on it, if I am wrong.

If I see into the painting! Those eyes are captivating my attention. Those eyes are filled with some strange feelings which are beyond my understanding.

Those are not the eyes but the cages for me where I can be captivated happily for the eternity.

 Those are magical and spellbinding which can be bewitched and make me slave and yet compassionate.

Those are tearing my heart inside out and yet sweet.

Which are binding with invisible reins which are hold me and controlling?

Those arrows from her eyes pierced into my chest but yet pleasing.

Would you be kind enough to take those eyes out of me?

But I will break the shackles of your captivating spells because “I know that you are beautiful witch, I will not let you steal my independent heart which is want to roam around the world to wonders and see  the beauty of nature, things and people”.

“I know that the beauty with intelligent is as dangers as the atomic bomb”.

Sorry dear… I cannot be enslaved; I am bound to my own self but no one.


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