Oh.. my love… This is for you ..


“Oh!!! Dear love, hear me now…

“I dream about you and only you..”

“I am a restless pedestrian wondering in the desert of life for the oasis of your love, I am tired and need you Lap to rest.”

“Take my restless, missed up head in to your bosom. Soothe me in warmth of your hug.”

“Lost and wondering in the pitch dark, why couldn’t you be a torch to me to show way, why could you be a dawn to repel darkness inside of me?”

“Your smiles will make a thousand springs by driving away the blues in my life.”

“I am not alone but my companion is my shadow, couldn’t you be kind enough to drive away this emptiness in my heart with your lovely chuckles.”

“I wonder you have evolved in almighty’s imagination with all the beauty and wonders.”

“The dark hair of yours reminds me of a black mist, looming around me to bewitch.”

“When I see the full moon on the sky and it reminds me of your beautiful face. The stars are like twinkles in your lovely eyes.”

“Those dimples on your soft cheeks when you feel shy, like a whirlpool where I can jump in without any fear.”

“Be kind enough to hear the song of my heart in thousand voices which is craving for you.”

“Couldn’t you be compassionate enough to see my eyes which say poems?”

“If you bestow your love upon me in the next life, I will leave this life in the very second”

“What made you heart so cold and dark, I do not rest until I see the ray of hope in your heart”


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