Words can inspire the world



Words are world of meaning and thus the meaning consist of an attributes which trigger the physical and emotional reflexes.

 Words will teach the history and heritage of our rich culture and ways of living of our elders and in the contrary will teach us the other way around.

Words can make a weak to reach peaks and can break will of the strongest.

Words will make world be your pal and make you pale.

Words will emitters sweetest feels and experiences and sorest and sadness as well.

Words will put one in the throne and pull the same to the gutter.

A poet will inspire and educate with his or her experiences. A singer can motive people but with world. A coach will inspire the sportsmen by this pip talk.

However the words are the weapons that make impossible to a possible by a simple pip talk and make possible to impossible.

Hence in the long before elders said “Pen is mightier than Gun”

So shouldn’t we decide our purpose and the implication to our word before we choose?


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