The words can inspire the world



Sounds are simple waves in the air with a created by the friction of the air and the vibrations of an object emitting the sound waves in to the environment. Which sounds have consisted of meaning means to describe the forms said to be words.

Words are bestow from god himself to the human race to have understand and pass on the learning to the future generations and help to live as a social animals.

Word are consist of powerful are they? I have never thought they are simply a group of sounds to communicate your desire to be fulfilled. But a person would be able to commit such a thing that a human cannot even dare to thing by some one’s brain watch.

A coach’s pep talk in the break of the first half of the football game to the players can make turning tables.

A insult of the a ex-girl friend’s insulting words can scorch the heart of a boy and kindle the desire to reach to the thing which he does not have, money and social status to show her that what she missed as person.

A word can make a two people to make a one in the bond a marriage vow.

Word that make a two souls together in the emotion of love and make them as one.

Then the words are powerful and they can inspire any one which are carried with emotion and implanted in the mind.

I am barely trying to play with the words as we all in the word press. Your precious suggestions carried with hold heatedly . We would be in debit to your time and concern to the world.

Keep smiling and pressing in the wall. Happy wording.





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