Paradox of might one, Danger surrounds beauty …



In the world some things easy and some are tough…!  Some are cheap and some are precious..!

Some are good and some or bad…!  Some things are beautiful and some are not..!

Some are masterpieces of all and creates a master precious and some attar despair..!

 Some are sheer vision and took birth out of our imagination and some are nightmares..!

But everything irrespective to its adjectives, all are in this world and created by the creator himself…!

By some we will tend to think as he did marvels and by some we crib..!

Sometimes we accuse and sometimes pay our gratitude and offer our prayers…!

Sometimes I tend to think as a boy with a toy as he makes wonder in some attar failure out of shape..!

Some are piece of perfection and some are devastation..!

But one thing is true and undeniable that every marvel, precise, wonders and beauties are surrendered by endanger as always and all time..!

Lovely rose would be surrounded by thorns and the pearls will be in the womb of the sea where the dangers awaits!

When one wants the beauty to be their own than one has to exercise, awaits and put what it requires to get will have it.

Might one have created the beauty and marvels but those will be entrapped by the difficulties, else human will not realize the value of it, if those are available to everyone. It has to be in that way to preserve the preciousness.

That is the paradox of the almighty.


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