To unknow my ownself

Where were you lurking when i needed you the most

Where were you hidden when, I craved your bosom to slant my head, when i felt that tons of weight on my shoulders and pressing me to the underworld.

When I could not stand, did not had the strength, loved to be rested on you warmth lap. Where were you wondering callously neglecting yours?

There was a pain that ripping my heart out, there i cried to be there to mend my bleeding heart.

Felt like someone is shadowing me every corner and tried the most to lose him. Wanted some to listen. There you weren’t.

When I had worst and horrible nightmare, become sleepless and wanted someone to comb my head with the lovely fingers and say “I am here for you, on worries baby”. You weren’t there.

When i kept you in the highest mountain top and you pushed me to the abyss.

You weren’t there for me in the needful

I heart become cold and hard. No room for you now cause it filled with void and loneliness.

I skin become numb can’t feel you touch any more cause it took a lot of extreme repeated blows.

I do not need your companionship cause loneliness and darkness is my buddy

Eyes don’t see you around even you presence is there cause those are vexed with endless waiting and closed

Don’t need you neither our bosom nor you lap to rest as i got used to the cold hard to floor.

I am no more to you my love.

Never be yours



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