Stolen mangoes … Too delicious …


This is the beautiful, delicious and sweet mangoes season, when we were children, complete a gang of my friends would go the gardens and jump out of the fence pluck the mangoes by claiming trees. Hiding in the trees with fear of gardener might catch us and run out of there and jump the fence due to the fear. Those days were memorable days. Fighting for the parrot bit fruit cause that would be the sweetest one. Don’t know the reason but of course, stolen mangoes are most delicious than our own.


Those day can are memorable days. When I pass through the same mango garden and gardener, childhood friend and that naughtiness flash in front of my eyes and face full of smiles and heart full of happiness.

When we were about 5 years old of age and we were about 6 boys in our school as group had played and horse around together. We would collect our pocket money that is about 25 Paisa each. Go to the market and purchase a watermelon cut made a feast. God, that was the best feast and even now when I had a party in a star hotel, I do not have that thrill and excitement and taste. When I went to see our school backyard, those days visualized.

Now I am missing that boy and searching for him. That happiness and wonders for each and every trivial thing.  That kind of friends, who would stick with you every time and our pure smiles.   I wonder sometimes that the place, people and things are some but happened us that we can be as pure and joyous as we were in those day. Age and wisdom would change the perception and eye to the world. Might be but I love that boy and felt jealous for his happiness. I will find him some day.


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