Child mind … Wet Clay

Every person in this world will come as and with same and go as same. Every person will take a birth with same wisdom, knowledge, personality, attitude and character. Sometimes I wonder how we develop these, some will become good and some will not. Some will be generousand some will not. Some will be well spoken and some will not.


Where these differences will evolve and how do these differences will take place. I heard that Bhagavath Geetha is the holy scripture which contains every answer in this world. Where Lord Krishna told that the child’s personality and character will be developed by the parents and the society they grow up.

How the potter will make pot in the same way a child’s mind is like wet clay which is soft and flexible ready to forge the way you want. Parents will shape their child’s mind by choosing their word around them while speaking and even their expectations will also force them to alter their perceptions. One wonderful thing about a human mind is, one you expose to certain situation and it will not take it’s natural form again how was before. Every word, every context and everything will make its imprint in people’s mind irrespective to their aged group.

Parents are the guides who guide their young generations to the righteous path instead of misleading them. Children do not know what is right or wrong. As there is some analogy like “you get, what you sow” will exactly justify this. Over expectations on their children will also force the child and steer them to the fear of failure and they will never get the success. Thus, the fear will get the best of them.


Cultivate the positivity, inculcate the brave and chivalry. Imbibe the ambition in life. Mold them as beautiful master pieces. Choose you language around the kid very carefully as they tend to imitate. Be a great example to him and sat ideals to follow.

Where I heard some lines as below,

If a student fails then it is that teacher’s mistake

If a child fails to be righteous then it will be parent’s mistake

If a team mates do mistake than it would be a leader’s mistake

If a people do a mistake then it is ruler’s mistake

By the above who should be blamed who. If one wants to blame the concerned then one has to look into the mirror.


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