Beautiful sculpture … It’s inspiration ..

We see extra ordinary artifacts and amazed by its beauty and the creators skill and efforts. Of course these are indeed master pieces and majestically exhibiting the creator’s skill and handwork. Something is squealing in my mind that, whether the artist or the artifact or the inspiration of the artist. Who’s greatness is that? Talk an example.

A stone sculpture carved ages ago on stone standing tall at the museum. Catch my eyes and went near to have a good look. What a beautiful women statue that was? I was amazed and wondered the imagination of the carver’s, skill, hardship and curves of the woman were extraordinary and lively. The emotions were pouring in that statue.

Then it hit my mind that what would be the inspiration of the carver who would this beautiful woman and what would driven him to present this wonder. Who she would be to him?  The feel or emotion that would crawl in to our mind with the sigh of this artifact would be credited to the creator or created or the inspirited woman’s beauty.

Whoever’s greatness it is, that is indeed a beautiful master piece. We could say one thing that the eye for this beauty filled my heart. She would be ravishing woman.


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