Hell with them … You are your own master …

Some time before where I have ventured for long drive on my moped alone to some new place where I could forget about the problems, troublesome and to have some fresh air and get lost in natures nursing womb and get rejuvenated. 

Some would like to act and talk as he builds to be and they would not appreciate this and instead criticize. They expect him to be as act as they choreographed, it does not matter what you feelings inside and really want.

When he walk pass them, they smile, say “hello” to your face and curse on his back. When he overheard them and he felt disgusted and lost his spirit, drained strengths and started to introspect and re-measured. Started doubting oneself.

Everyone expected some things from him but no one reciprocate anything expect inflecting pain and agony. He started to think about them, why do all self-centered.

In that dark abyss there he saw the ray of light. In his lonely he found the voice with in him that making the some vibes. The first ray in those dark ages shed light on divine being. He is in shining white light which blinded his eyes for a while because those are got used to the pitch dark. When he first laid his eyes on and had a sight, He could not believe his own eyes that is no one but his own self and realized the situation.

Hell with the world, be happy and do what you feel like to do. They are bunch of hypocrites who do not spine to stand up straight and say in your face.  Do those words count for nothing? They are gut less cowards who look down at you. Your sprit is stronger than diamond and brighter than sun do not let those extinguish.

They criticized and stamp on your because they are afraid of you, there is something, a quality that they laid a green eye. If they set a fire raised like a phoenix out of the ashes. If they drown you on ocean become mermaid. But do not lose yourself.


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