Thin line between frightened and fearless

I wonder sometimes that what makes a man hero, a warrior or a Villain. Are the deeds they made or the achievements they had got? What is it that made them commit and put everything online to reach to their heart?
Is that a creed, Belief or hope? Who could reveal this except themselves who lost their lives in field, who are sleeping in the womb of the past? Scriptures would sing us their tales. Wind would hum us their bravery. We should respect them and theirs.
Wonder whether they were bore with those characteristics? Are the ordinary men don’t have such? I believe that I had read some text as charismatic (In native) and trained attributes in the humans.
Lead to believe rather by nature or the practice. Instant responsiveness and reaction is the thin line separating ordinary to the counted few. The very movement, once idea to fight or flight in the heat of the struggle would make the difference.
A cat would kill a giant of man, if he bits in the closed room. Does that mean cat is brave or cruel but the split second decision made that difference in the frighten kitty.
So there is no super human qualities or elite few but everyone has the potential and good enough to do anything when, they take the step to fight that second, not with anybody but oneself.


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