An Idea….

An Idea

An idea could not be seem and touch which doesn’t exist in the material world

People could be killed but not a though,

A thought with prospect could be formed as an idea with direction and persistent exercise could serve the purpose.

An idea is geneses out of struggle and consistent efforts to turn around the friction and creativity

A person could be killed but not an idea, an idea with prospective, burning desire and un-flinched determination.

Attempts would fail but not an idea people could back out of the hardship it takes to exercise but never be an idea ideally

This is an ultimate power to do the wonder in the world in an field at any time, which would take the mankind to the apex nobility to the attar disaster or the world

An idea which doesn’t have weight would move the mountains and reach to the other world

An idea is the reason for the world peace and the world terror

An idea with a belief could be shaped as a creed

Bit at all time an idea should have prospective and directive to the well being of the mankind make better idea at every time and all time and be creative


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