Killer of Loved

People would have seen and know them, who last the love once. Them, who had been in that context, would know the agony.

Everybody in this world would have lost some or another dear one’s which is an inevitable would have been in that movement where, for a movement the world was collapsing around, Drowning into the dark deep water and Like they had been pushed into the void.

Those movements are horrible movements doesn’t it? Nobody could deny that because that is everybody’s life movement and could never fend that. But life doesn’t stop there but will continuously take various twists and turns.

Where ever the life takes us in the upcoming days as nobody would know what is that kept for us to test our metal of what we cut out of. They are, whom we lost would always an empty space where we shade some tears.

Could we just take a movement to know about the emotion of them who took a life their loved once in this world? Should we say they are sinners, psycho, heartless or animals? What would we call them and what do we think of them.

I have crossed a path with such person who request/ pleaded to kill the dearest of dear one who is one’s only companion or relative in this entire world. Due to some most horrific tragedy cause that person undergo through a lot of suffering and pain where one could not bear anymore and request to take one’s owns life with the help of that person’s loved one because one could not help oneself.

As everybody knows that if pain comes to us that is just a pain but the same would be our loved that is torture.

Should we think it is against the law, Sin? What would be that person’s mental and emotional state who underwent though such. Can’t wrap my head around and for a while my head is spinning, praised a god not to write such wrath to any person in this world even to an enemy. I just dabbed my checks as I had a feeling of something is creeping on it but that is my tear which I could even realized. Poor person’s eye glands were dried long before. Couldn’t do anything but to close the eyes pray to god make them close permanently.

“Where one has to make the rest of the life journey alone by memorizing once own and carrying the tones of weight in the heart.”


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