Virtue virsus Veil

Wonder why did they do it to and what have I done?

Took evil pleasure on my pain, drank my tears with a whiskey as though it adds an extra flavor.

Cried and it became a jazz for those ears, prayed to extend a hand but got stamped.

Given a word which does not have a weight, worth and couldn’t realize until it is already out of hand.

Sweat, blood would count for nothing but the superficial and vultures would yield.

Asked god, wouldn’t the honesty and virtue be appreciated in this world?

Answered to my heart as they who are black in heart would be happy at present but you are preparing for something else with is greater one in the near future.

They, who stamped would be stamped in some or another way and them would drop the tears cascade and would be realized and be paid as twice as you were.

Superficial would be washed out with one rain and the vulture would be put down by one typhoon.

Sweat, blood and labor could become a curse and with which power the stepped on you head would be drained out with their blood be evaporated.

One could be tested first that does not mean that is the end but the will for bigger beginning. Another could cause other suffering and pain, remember the world is round. What goes around should come around.


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