Meaning of “I” with success would change

The word “I” is the consist of pride, self centered means word in general for the philosophers but when it comes to taking the odds would become miraculously transformed to something marvelous to the same when the one overcome.

The word is same word with very same meaning. Wonder why this change for the very same words. A renowned university in the world would invite a popular person and award them with the title for his success. His speech would be published as motivational book to the public and it would become the best seller.

The mountain climber would not be known to the world until he surmounts the summit and the challenges while mounting would be praised and also for this persistence.

But in the case of popular person and mountaineer are very same before or after their apex of their fields. The world blindsided the same in the beginning but after their success has been worshiped. So the world is cruel with a lot of pessimist around who would not only discourage but also stamps on.

Success would make the change the means to the means. “I” is should always consist of courage, persistence and perseverance.


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