Lonely soul of a Monster

I am a monster who cannot be tamed with iron shekels but with your softest touch… No one on the earth could keep my head down but your sweetest lap… I am a lonely soul… waiting for my one true love… Nothing will interest me but you… I asked myself.. what force is drags me…. […]

Virtue virsus Veil

Wonder why did they do it to and what have I done? Took evil pleasure on my pain, drank my tears with a whiskey as though it adds an extra flavor. Cried and it became a jazz for those ears, prayed to extend a hand but got stamped. Given a word which does not have […]

Killer of Loved

People would have seen and know them, who last the love once. Them, who had been in that context, would know the agony. Everybody in this world would have lost some or another dear one’s which is an inevitable would have been in that movement where, for a movement the world was collapsing around, Drowning […]

An Idea….

An Idea An idea could not be seem and touch which doesn’t exist in the material world People could be killed but not a though, A thought with prospect could be formed as an idea with direction and persistent exercise could serve the purpose. An idea is geneses out of struggle and consistent efforts to […]

Good and bad Book (writing) but the idea.

Some will be criticizing the book as the good books or not? Couldn’t make out the reason.  Do you really Believe that such thing exists? Rather I believe each book is an idea created by an author to communicate and kindle same thought in the reader’s mind but that is up to the reader’s comprehension.   […]