Social proof and illusion

I was going through book in the recent past and read the above words and how these things play our minds, cloud our judgments. While I was reading these texts, the contexts that took place in my life flashed in front of my eye how I deflated my judgments and decision. Social proof could be put in a way of looking the world through the society’s eyes losing your own discretion and fall in to the illusion.

 A ten people says a foolish ten times and we became fools by foolishly let it clouded our eyes with those shades. Do you remember any incident that took place in your life due to some critics comments or rating agencies rating else bunch of peoples advises changed your opinion regards to some thing ?

Yes, Of course that would be very common, in some or another we have and will be doing this time and again without our conscience. Wonder sometimes that where our judgment or individuality as opinion is heading when we let rule our choices by some other. How we know our uniqueness. How do they know what is good for you and what is not. Over heard about a movie and check the rating agencies and sped for the movies and cursing yourself for wasting our precious time and money.

One should not fall pray for the social poof and stuck in the illusion take the situation in your hand, understand, think critically, use your own wisdom and discretion to take wise decision and it is not right than experience sit in your arsenal where we  will ever never make the same mistake. Thus do not let the people speak and act as wise. If they speak let them but we stand on our won. Let preserve our own individuality. We are unique and great.


Hell with them … You are your own master …

Some time before where I have ventured for long drive on my moped alone to some new place where I could forget about the problems, troublesome and to have some fresh air and get lost in natures nursing womb and get rejuvenated. 

Some would like to act and talk as he builds to be and they would not appreciate this and instead criticize. They expect him to be as act as they choreographed, it does not matter what you feelings inside and really want.

When he walk pass them, they smile, say “hello” to your face and curse on his back. When he overheard them and he felt disgusted and lost his spirit, drained strengths and started to introspect and re-measured. Started doubting oneself.

Everyone expected some things from him but no one reciprocate anything expect inflecting pain and agony. He started to think about them, why do all self-centered.

In that dark abyss there he saw the ray of light. In his lonely he found the voice with in him that making the some vibes. The first ray in those dark ages shed light on divine being. He is in shining white light which blinded his eyes for a while because those are got used to the pitch dark. When he first laid his eyes on and had a sight, He could not believe his own eyes that is no one but his own self and realized the situation.

Hell with the world, be happy and do what you feel like to do. They are bunch of hypocrites who do not spine to stand up straight and say in your face.  Do those words count for nothing? They are gut less cowards who look down at you. Your sprit is stronger than diamond and brighter than sun do not let those extinguish.

They criticized and stamp on your because they are afraid of you, there is something, a quality that they laid a green eye. If they set a fire raised like a phoenix out of the ashes. If they drown you on ocean become mermaid. But do not lose yourself.

Beautiful sculpture … It’s inspiration ..

We see extra ordinary artifacts and amazed by its beauty and the creators skill and efforts. Of course these are indeed master pieces and majestically exhibiting the creator’s skill and handwork. Something is squealing in my mind that, whether the artist or the artifact or the inspiration of the artist. Who’s greatness is that? Talk an example.

A stone sculpture carved ages ago on stone standing tall at the museum. Catch my eyes and went near to have a good look. What a beautiful women statue that was? I was amazed and wondered the imagination of the carver’s, skill, hardship and curves of the woman were extraordinary and lively. The emotions were pouring in that statue.

Then it hit my mind that what would be the inspiration of the carver who would this beautiful woman and what would driven him to present this wonder. Who she would be to him?  The feel or emotion that would crawl in to our mind with the sigh of this artifact would be credited to the creator or created or the inspirited woman’s beauty.

Whoever’s greatness it is, that is indeed a beautiful master piece. We could say one thing that the eye for this beauty filled my heart. She would be ravishing woman.

Love … necessity … Have an eye…

Love and necessity

Nikhil is simple guy who completed B Tech and came to Bangalore due to the fact that this is fashion hub of the east and the IT center as well. Attractive jobs for the talented, beautiful girls, clubs and pubs what any out of college guy aspire to have after college and he was not exempted to any of this.

He landed in Bangalore with heartfull of dreams and hopes and did well in interview and reputed IT company. Life is full of colors beautiful girls, pocket full of money and smile filled radiant face. Six months passed like a dream. For the single boys and girls those are t he hangout places to be true. Boys watching girls and girls would observe them and enjoy the complements of their admirations and sore in the sky.

“Boys will be blinded by beautify”

He saw a beautiful girl passing by in the shopping mall. He went around the store to see her in different angle to have better look. He saw her hair like a dark clouds looming around and just flowing. She tucked her hair locks behind ears, he had a sight of her cheeks and those eyes had some twinkles and mesmerized him. After some time he felt as it was a sight of the day and moved on to this routine.

After three of four day he was doing his workouts in gym and felt like same feel and looked around had a shock. That was non-other than his girl and he lost his balance and fell down and everyone including her laughed at him. Day went on and they become friends and eventually lead to some bond. They liked each other and started relationship. Three precious years went without noticing. These days pandoram this guy was with the women he adored and completely into her. Not aware of what is about hit him. Like the silent before the storm.

“Do not see what is beneath the beauty”

Strangely he is moving towards her and she is away. She started neglecting his needs and stopped recognizing him as a person. One fine day she told him “Nikky, This will not work out. Need a time to rethink.” He asked her “Did I do anything wrong, baby. I Love you I can’t live without you, you are my world”. She moved away out of his room and constantly reduced responding his call and massages. This poor guy pleaded, begged and cried, she was cold hearted.

Naked reality – Rainy days

He lost interest in this world and became a drunkard. One day he got to know by one of the friend that she got married and flow to the states. He was drum struck and collapsed. Somehow with help of his friend, got her contact and ask her for the reason. Her words were “Life is choice and I made my choice. I wanted to settle down and wanted a luxurious life which you could not provide. Be realistic and move on and never call me again.”

 He lost job due to the irregularities and lack of involvement in work. He lost his weight enormously and got suicidal tendencies.  Friends around him sensed it and called his mother and explained everything.  She came down as fast as she could.

Roll over

She came down and when she saw her son in that position, no words in her mouth and cascade of tears dribbled down on her cheeks, her little boy who used to be active and naughty. She had seen noting but pure smile in her son’s face now lifeless. Grown bearded, pale look and stinky smell due to lack of bath for long. Finally she musters her courage and told herself that she should be stronger to make her son normal again.

Called him and he woke up and could not see the light as he was in his room for so long in dark. Rubbed his eyes and it took a while to adjust to light and he was startled for the tone that he could recognized. It was his mother and he felt some guilty conscious for this state.

Mother took him to her bosom and hugged him for her life as is he is the apple in her eyes. While her emotions were pouring in her heart. She convened to travel him with her. Due to her motherly love, affection and patently he realized. At one movement he thought and stated changing.

In the same time he met another in his home time at the temple. She approached him somehow. She accepted him for what he was and had. Mother also accepted her.

His life was happy from the fact that he got two loving women in life at every turn of his life.

Love is the true feel that will stay with you not for what you have.

If it does, that is not love but necessity, when need get full filled one will takeoff.

Women love will uplift one’s life.

Oneself in Disguise

Selflessness is a shield that protect one true self, where the true one is selfish “I”

The Fancy act and funny words to the cover tracks, truth will be disguised

Deep and darker the place, where show their shads.

Everything is an act till the bubble burst, light shade and nothing but disgust.


Selfish is the original human character and the selflessness is the protective shield around it. The one will try to protect this innate original self by his acts and talks but when one will burst that protective bubble true oneself will be revealed.


One will try every time to protect the true shades to the society being as imposter. In this process, he himself will lost tract of inner one but act on his behalf.

The truth one is no one but the inner one.

Child mind … Wet Clay

Every person in this world will come as and with same and go as same. Every person will take a birth with same wisdom, knowledge, personality, attitude and character. Sometimes I wonder how we develop these, some will become good and some will not. Some will be generousand some will not. Some will be well spoken and some will not.


Where these differences will evolve and how do these differences will take place. I heard that Bhagavath Geetha is the holy scripture which contains every answer in this world. Where Lord Krishna told that the child’s personality and character will be developed by the parents and the society they grow up.

How the potter will make pot in the same way a child’s mind is like wet clay which is soft and flexible ready to forge the way you want. Parents will shape their child’s mind by choosing their word around them while speaking and even their expectations will also force them to alter their perceptions. One wonderful thing about a human mind is, one you expose to certain situation and it will not take it’s natural form again how was before. Every word, every context and everything will make its imprint in people’s mind irrespective to their aged group.

Parents are the guides who guide their young generations to the righteous path instead of misleading them. Children do not know what is right or wrong. As there is some analogy like “you get, what you sow” will exactly justify this. Over expectations on their children will also force the child and steer them to the fear of failure and they will never get the success. Thus, the fear will get the best of them.


Cultivate the positivity, inculcate the brave and chivalry. Imbibe the ambition in life. Mold them as beautiful master pieces. Choose you language around the kid very carefully as they tend to imitate. Be a great example to him and sat ideals to follow.

Where I heard some lines as below,

If a student fails then it is that teacher’s mistake

If a child fails to be righteous then it will be parent’s mistake

If a team mates do mistake than it would be a leader’s mistake

If a people do a mistake then it is ruler’s mistake

By the above who should be blamed who. If one wants to blame the concerned then one has to look into the mirror.

Stolen mangoes … Too delicious …


This is the beautiful, delicious and sweet mangoes season, when we were children, complete a gang of my friends would go the gardens and jump out of the fence pluck the mangoes by claiming trees. Hiding in the trees with fear of gardener might catch us and run out of there and jump the fence due to the fear. Those days were memorable days. Fighting for the parrot bit fruit cause that would be the sweetest one. Don’t know the reason but of course, stolen mangoes are most delicious than our own.


Those day can are memorable days. When I pass through the same mango garden and gardener, childhood friend and that naughtiness flash in front of my eyes and face full of smiles and heart full of happiness.

When we were about 5 years old of age and we were about 6 boys in our school as group had played and horse around together. We would collect our pocket money that is about 25 Paisa each. Go to the market and purchase a watermelon cut made a feast. God, that was the best feast and even now when I had a party in a star hotel, I do not have that thrill and excitement and taste. When I went to see our school backyard, those days visualized.

Now I am missing that boy and searching for him. That happiness and wonders for each and every trivial thing.  That kind of friends, who would stick with you every time and our pure smiles.   I wonder sometimes that the place, people and things are some but happened us that we can be as pure and joyous as we were in those day. Age and wisdom would change the perception and eye to the world. Might be but I love that boy and felt jealous for his happiness. I will find him some day.