Social proof and illusion

I was going through book in the recent past and read the above words and how these things play our minds, cloud our judgments. While I was reading these texts, the contexts that took place in my life flashed in front of my eye how I deflated my judgments and decision. Social proof could be put in a way of looking the world through the society’s eyes losing your own discretion and fall in to the illusion.

 A ten people says a foolish ten times and we became fools by foolishly let it clouded our eyes with those shades. Do you remember any incident that took place in your life due to some critics comments or rating agencies rating else bunch of peoples advises changed your opinion regards to some thing ?

Yes, Of course that would be very common, in some or another we have and will be doing this time and again without our conscience. Wonder sometimes that where our judgment or individuality as opinion is heading when we let rule our choices by some other. How we know our uniqueness. How do they know what is good for you and what is not. Over heard about a movie and check the rating agencies and sped for the movies and cursing yourself for wasting our precious time and money.

One should not fall pray for the social poof and stuck in the illusion take the situation in your hand, understand, think critically, use your own wisdom and discretion to take wise decision and it is not right than experience sit in your arsenal where we  will ever never make the same mistake. Thus do not let the people speak and act as wise. If they speak let them but we stand on our won. Let preserve our own individuality. We are unique and great.


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