Lonely soul of a Monster

I am a monster who cannot be tamed with iron shekels but with your softest touch…

No one on the earth could keep my head down but your sweetest lap…

I am a lonely soul… waiting for my one true love…

Nothing will interest me but you…

I asked myself.. what force is drags me…. The one inside softly whispered as it the lonely soul …

World say me as monster… but I do less care …  what do I mean to you…

I am the lonely soul…


Meaning of “I” with success would change

The word “I” is the consist of pride, self centered means word in general for the philosophers but when it comes to taking the odds would become miraculously transformed to something marvelous to the same when the one overcome.

The word is same word with very same meaning. Wonder why this change for the very same words. A renowned university in the world would invite a popular person and award them with the title for his success. His speech would be published as motivational book to the public and it would become the best seller.

The mountain climber would not be known to the world until he surmounts the summit and the challenges while mounting would be praised and also for this persistence.

But in the case of popular person and mountaineer are very same before or after their apex of their fields. The world blindsided the same in the beginning but after their success has been worshiped. So the world is cruel with a lot of pessimist around who would not only discourage but also stamps on.

Success would make the change the means to the means. “I” is should always consist of courage, persistence and perseverance.

Virtue virsus Veil

Wonder why did they do it to and what have I done?

Took evil pleasure on my pain, drank my tears with a whiskey as though it adds an extra flavor.

Cried and it became a jazz for those ears, prayed to extend a hand but got stamped.

Given a word which does not have a weight, worth and couldn’t realize until it is already out of hand.

Sweat, blood would count for nothing but the superficial and vultures would yield.

Asked god, wouldn’t the honesty and virtue be appreciated in this world?

Answered to my heart as they who are black in heart would be happy at present but you are preparing for something else with is greater one in the near future.

They, who stamped would be stamped in some or another way and them would drop the tears cascade and would be realized and be paid as twice as you were.

Superficial would be washed out with one rain and the vulture would be put down by one typhoon.

Sweat, blood and labor could become a curse and with which power the stepped on you head would be drained out with their blood be evaporated.

One could be tested first that does not mean that is the end but the will for bigger beginning. Another could cause other suffering and pain, remember the world is round. What goes around should come around.

Killer of Loved

People would have seen and know them, who last the love once. Them, who had been in that context, would know the agony.

Everybody in this world would have lost some or another dear one’s which is an inevitable would have been in that movement where, for a movement the world was collapsing around, Drowning into the dark deep water and Like they had been pushed into the void.

Those movements are horrible movements doesn’t it? Nobody could deny that because that is everybody’s life movement and could never fend that. But life doesn’t stop there but will continuously take various twists and turns.

Where ever the life takes us in the upcoming days as nobody would know what is that kept for us to test our metal of what we cut out of. They are, whom we lost would always an empty space where we shade some tears.

Could we just take a movement to know about the emotion of them who took a life their loved once in this world? Should we say they are sinners, psycho, heartless or animals? What would we call them and what do we think of them.

I have crossed a path with such person who request/ pleaded to kill the dearest of dear one who is one’s only companion or relative in this entire world. Due to some most horrific tragedy cause that person undergo through a lot of suffering and pain where one could not bear anymore and request to take one’s owns life with the help of that person’s loved one because one could not help oneself.

As everybody knows that if pain comes to us that is just a pain but the same would be our loved that is torture.

Should we think it is against the law, Sin? What would be that person’s mental and emotional state who underwent though such. Can’t wrap my head around and for a while my head is spinning, praised a god not to write such wrath to any person in this world even to an enemy. I just dabbed my checks as I had a feeling of something is creeping on it but that is my tear which I could even realized. Poor person’s eye glands were dried long before. Couldn’t do anything but to close the eyes pray to god make them close permanently.

“Where one has to make the rest of the life journey alone by memorizing once own and carrying the tones of weight in the heart.”

An Idea….

An Idea

An idea could not be seem and touch which doesn’t exist in the material world

People could be killed but not a though,

A thought with prospect could be formed as an idea with direction and persistent exercise could serve the purpose.

An idea is geneses out of struggle and consistent efforts to turn around the friction and creativity

A person could be killed but not an idea, an idea with prospective, burning desire and un-flinched determination.

Attempts would fail but not an idea people could back out of the hardship it takes to exercise but never be an idea ideally

This is an ultimate power to do the wonder in the world in an field at any time, which would take the mankind to the apex nobility to the attar disaster or the world

An idea which doesn’t have weight would move the mountains and reach to the other world

An idea is the reason for the world peace and the world terror

An idea with a belief could be shaped as a creed

Bit at all time an idea should have prospective and directive to the well being of the mankind make better idea at every time and all time and be creative

Good and bad Book (writing) but the idea.

Some will be criticizing the book as the good books or not? Couldn’t make out the reason.  Do you really Believe that such thing exists? Rather I believe each book is an idea created by an author to communicate and kindle same thought in the reader’s mind but that is up to the reader’s comprehension.


The writer would have a though, Ideology and style of expression. Of course literature is beauty in our own way if we have an eye to see. Where is not such as bad book but what do we capable of carry out, that would be depend up on our understanding and the beauty of that would be lurking.


Some carry the idea, another would be creativity and so on.  Everything would sing its own song and every word would play its own story.

Do not read but ignite the thought so that we could dive into the depth then make your judgment.

Thin line between frightened and fearless

I wonder sometimes that what makes a man hero, a warrior or a Villain. Are the deeds they made or the achievements they had got? What is it that made them commit and put everything online to reach to their heart?
Is that a creed, Belief or hope? Who could reveal this except themselves who lost their lives in field, who are sleeping in the womb of the past? Scriptures would sing us their tales. Wind would hum us their bravery. We should respect them and theirs.
Wonder whether they were bore with those characteristics? Are the ordinary men don’t have such? I believe that I had read some text as charismatic (In native) and trained attributes in the humans.
Lead to believe rather by nature or the practice. Instant responsiveness and reaction is the thin line separating ordinary to the counted few. The very movement, once idea to fight or flight in the heat of the struggle would make the difference.
A cat would kill a giant of man, if he bits in the closed room. Does that mean cat is brave or cruel but the split second decision made that difference in the frighten kitty.
So there is no super human qualities or elite few but everyone has the potential and good enough to do anything when, they take the step to fight that second, not with anybody but oneself.